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Generator Components that will Support your Colloidal Silver Production.


Find the tools you need to begin producing highest-quality, effective, safe and stable small-particle colloidal silver from home.

We realize that many of these items you will have in your own home, and are available to you.


You've no doubt viewed our Generators pages and seen how easily you can produce your own small-particle colloidal silver at home.

But if you are lacking any items, and you're ready to get started right away, the production components below will support your production process.

"Silva-Cap" Jar Caps

We love our very simple Silva-Cap idea. It's made making colloidal silver so simple, and so easy!

So, do you already own your own silver rods, electric transformer and jars? All you need is one of our Caps to make your production simpler!

Available in both "Standard Jar" size and "Wide-Mouth Jar" size.

Air Tube accesses are designed for 1/4" O.D. vinyl tubing.

Air Hose Support Tubes are 5/16" I.D.

(Please don't forget to select the style of canning jar that you use, so that we can send you the correct Silva-Cap size.)

See Descriptions of each Silver-Cap style below.

. . ."I LOVE the Silva lid you came up with!!!!!"
-- Lori U., Liddleton, MA

Our own Silva-Cap design allows you to easily produce small-particle colloidal silver by incorporating generator components.

"I wanted to write you to tell you how incredibly easy you have made my colloidal silver production by using your Silva-Cap. I cannot believe how much simpler and mess-free it is to make my silver! Thank You!" -- Frances M., Jasper, AR

"Basic Silva-Cap"


This cap is the very basic in our line. Two rubber supports allow you to push in your own silver rods (for either 14g or 12g rods).

Push the silver rods up from the bottom through the rubber supports until approximately 1/4" of silver rod appears.


Then, just screw the Silva-Cap onto your jarful of distilled water, attach your transformer alligator clips to your exposed silver rods, and you're ready to go!

Price: $11.95, and includes production jar


Standard Jar 

Wide-Mouth Jar

This is the Basic Silva-Cap, allowing you to easily suspend 12g or 14g rods during production.
"Basic Silva-Cap with Air Tube Agitator access and Air Relief opening"

This Silva-Cap is designed to accommodate an air pump agitator, allowing you to produce extremely high-quality small-silver colloidal silver at home because you are agitating the water.

You'll begin by installing your silver rods from underneath the cap, pushing them through the two rubber support holes until roughly 1/4" of silver rod appears.


Next, screw your Silva-Cap onto your jarful of distilled water. Then, insert your air hose almost all the way to the bottom of the jar to agitate the water. Leave the remaining hole open for pumped-in air to escape.

Price: $17.95, and includes production jar

Standard Jar 

Wide-Mouth Jar

This is the Basic Silva-Cap with a opening for the air tube to allow you to agitate the water during production, generating small-particle colloidal silver.
"Basic Silva-Cap with Air Tube Air Agitator access and Air Relief openings, with Air Hose Support Tube"


This Silva-Cap design will also accommodate an air pump agitator, but has the added feature of a rigid NSF rate, PVC tube attached to the cap. This is the cap we recommend.

What is the purpose of the Air Hose Support Tube? Often when agitating the water with an air pump, slipping the hose into the jar can disturb and move the rods, often interrupting the level of quality of your colloidal silver production by causing the rods to move into a less than optimal location. The rigid tube keeps the air tube stationery during production.

This Silva-Cap design will support 2 silver rods, both 12g or 14g.