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Closing Thoughts

Some closing thoughts regarding colloidal home production:

As with anything that is "new," with potentially extremely positive effects on the health of humanity, simple for anyone anywhere to produce, something that is potentially extremely profitable, along with something that could seriously harm the profits of big pharmaceutical companies, there will be controversy.

There's controversy over production methods, production claims, end results and measurements, pricing and costs to produce, and even levels of effectiveness. The list goes on.

Please know that my desire with this website is to arrive at the truth about the most effective means to produce the highest-quality colloidal silver at home.

The colloidal silver production methods described on this website simply work. The colloidal silver produced by the methods described on this website is effective and powerful. I receive frequent emails from customers who have purchased generators from this website letting me know that their colloidal silver is extraordinarily effective and powerful. Let's not lose sight of this fact.

Let's acknowledge that there are lots of ways to produce quality colloidal silver. There are a variety of methods offered by lots of websites. What disturbs me is that rather than focus on their methods, so many have chosen to attack other sites that propose a different method.


My purpose is to show a method where we can produce high-quality, effective colloidal silver simply by adding a $10 device to your current production methods! We simply don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to produce quality colloidal silver.

Here's a quote from someone who recently purchased one of our generators that I have just now received in an email (after a host of emails challenging the "science" and conclusions we've reach in what you will read below).

"I have shared some of my CS brew with my sister who got me interested in making our own. She reported a remarkable difference over the CS we had been purchasing. I am very glad I was led to your website." -- Ron L., Carrollton, GA

I only want to spread the good news that better health can be experienced with colloidal silver. And better colloidal silver can be produced by making it at home using the methods described on this website.

Today you've no doubt watched basic healthcare prices steadily rise--where a disease or illness could literally wipe us out financially. So now, more than ever, those of us who are taking responsibility for our health must absolutely focus on a preventive health care regimen. And the most powerful regimen to keep you and your family healthy, among other things, must include nanoparticle collodial silver.

And so now, thankfully, you want to get started making your own colloidal silver. And your commitment is to make the highest quality product possible with home colloidal silver production, to generate the most beneficial results. Do you realize that for about the same price as you've been paying for a single quart of commercial colloidal silver, you could purchase tools to begin making your own?

But if you're like me, you've done a lot of reading. Perhaps, like me, you've become frustrated reading information on one "authoritative" website that contradicts information on other "authoritative" websites. Issues like: What is silver solution, i.e., colloidal silver exactly? What is nano silver and can it be produced at home? Does quality colloidal silver have a color, or is it clear over time? Is a "parts per million" (ppm) from a TDS meter a reliable and accurate reading of actual colloids in my colloidal silver? Are ionic silver particles harmful when consumed?


So, who's right? What information can I rely on to make quality colloidal silver at home, if there seems to be so much conflict on these important issues?

This was exactly the position I found myself in almost over 18 years ago. I had been paying exhobitant prices for colloidal silver in health stores for years when a friend told me how easily I could make colloidal silver at home.

I spent the next several years doing research on how to make quality small-particle colloidal silver. And I also realized that ultimately what can be said to be the "truth" about colloidal silver can only be measured by my results.

What you'll find on this site is a commitment to creating results with colloidal silver.

Information on this site
is based very strictly on actual results gathered through
production, use, testing and testimonials.
We're stripping down the hype,
and working to get you the information you'll need.

I want to particularly recommend that you read our most recently updated page: FAQs: Production.  On this page, you will view our most recent experiences, discussions and tests regarding agitating the water during production, the role of the TDS meter, and particle size produced by our generators.

But even after reading all this, here's what you need to know:

You probably have almost all the necessary components
to make quality small-particle colloidal silver
in your own home.
And those items you lack,
you'll be able to find here.

Thank you for visiting! Be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

Below are some closing thoughts taken from notes I've made over the years of discovering, investigating, taking colloidal silver, developing my own generators, and making them available to you at an affordable price.  Enjoy.

An article in Sicence Digest (March, 1978) states:

"An antiobiotic kills perhaps a half-dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. Resistant strains fail to develop. . . Even tiny amounts of silver wipe out huge quantities of disease organisms in water. . . After testing 23 methods of purifying water, NASA selected a silver system for the space shuttle."

Colloidal silver appears to kill all pathogenic bacteria and neither selects nor permists the development of resistant strains. Colloidal silver does not have the negative side effects associated with most antibiotics. Because it is so gentle, because it does not interact with other medications, and because of its broad spectrum of efficacy, colloidal silver has been tested on a variety of illnesses and found to be efficient against a wide variety of infectious diseases, while having no reported negative side effects.

There is evidence that the silver actually enhances the immune syste, allowing it to more effectively responde to any invasive pathogens.

The critical issue is that because of the broad action of silver, even mutations of bacteria and viruses would be killed by the silver. Colloidal silver will not generate resistant strains.


There is increasing evidence that a virus first discovered in monkeys, SV 40, is a powerful cancer-causing agent and may be responsible for mesothelioma (a deadly cancer that affects the lining of the lungs). It may also be responsible for bone cancers, pituitary and thyroid tumors, and brain tumors. It is widely believed that more than 1/3 of cancers are caused by microbial agents. This estimate has risen markedly over the past ten years and may continue to rise. Because the silver is a potent anti-microbial, effective against bacteria, viruses, and yeasts, taking it regularly as a prophylactic may prevent the development of cancers.

An article from Forbes Magazine (November 15, 1999) states:

"For years the medical establishment laughed off Marshall's theory [that ulcers can be caused by a bacterium], even after he demonstrated it... Could the medical establishment be making the same mistake about other chronic diseases - such killers as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's? It is taken as a given amonth both doctors and scientific researchers that the causes of these ailments are genetic or environmental or both... But what if bugs start the process for some or many of these diseases?... The question is not as far-fetched as it seems..."

Excerpts from writings by Dr. Kenneth S. Friedman state:

"Previous breakthroughs in the development of antibiotics have proved to be self-limiting. They cannot eliminate infectious diseases once and for all, as we had previously hoped and thought. They merely buy time before the microbes mutate to develop strains that are resistant to the antibiotics.

"Moreover, it seems that this time window of antibiotic effectiveness has been shrinking. Despite increasing amounts of capital devoted to new generations of antibiotics, we appear to be losing ground to new generations of mutant bacteria and viruses, and we may well find ourselves back at square one, where nothing in our medical armamentarium will work against new strains of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Plagues and pandemics, which we thought we had cured many generations ago, could return with new virulence. With SARS and the avian influenza virus, this prediction appears increasingly likely to come true. In such an environment, colloidal silver could mean the difference between life and death."

Friend, I acknowledge you and praise your commitment to health for yourself and those you love. Thank you for being one of the few who is taking responsibility by searching, learning, reaching out, and taking action.

I'm frequently contacted by site visitors who tell me things like, "I am getting these supplies for my daughter and her family". . . , or "I am sending supplies to our church's missionaries in Africa". . . , or "I am giving these supplies to a dear friend whose only hope is using colloidal silver to help her." I am always so touched by the kindness and generosity of people like you whose desires are to help others while also responsibly ensuring your own health. Thank you for your emails. You continue to be an inspiration to us.

God bless. And thank you for finding our website.

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