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Our History ... Briefly

I have been using colloidal silver for about 10 years. About 8 years ago, I tired of paying higher and higher prices for what I thought was higher quality, commercially produced colloidal silver. After all, I had been told by these companies that it was impossible to make quality colloidal silver at home.

Then, I met a friend who told me he'd been successfully making colloidal silver for himself and his family for about 15 years. And he shared with me some very basic, simple facts:

A home colloidal silver generator,
regardless of the claims or price or hype,
must contain these 3 things:

* ​a low-voltage electrical source *
* very pure silver *
* distilled water *


So, I wanted to know:
Why are all these websites charging a fortune for their colloidal silver generators,
trying to convince you that you cannot make quality colloidal silver
at home without them?

I've now been producing successful, quality, very stable, colloidal silver at home for myself and my family for over 5 years. Our quality of life, and our individual levels of health have vastly improved. And that's why I want to share what I've learned: so that anyone who has the desire to produce their own quality colloidal silver at home will be able to do so.

The "Silva-Cap": Our Own Unique Design

I began experimenting with different colloidal silver generator ideas that were simple to use. I soon began to see that these designs could be affordable to anyone.

We've worked through and evolved a number of different styles, each improving in ease of use (and price!). Our most recent design, called the Silva-Cap, we feel, is unique, simple and innovative. It answers, we feel, many of the challenges in making colloidal silver at home. View all 3 designs of Silva-Caps on our Generators page and our Generator Components page.


"Agitating the Water": Our final step in understanding quality Colloidal Silver Production















We discovered, along with some other Colloidal Silver Generator producers that "agitating the water" is invaluable to the Colloidal Silver production process. In fact, learning of the value of agitating the water was our final chapter in developing a very stable, high quality Small-Particle Colloidal Silver product (producing particles that are 1nm to 2nm in size).

I had been reading quite a bit about "agitating the water" to generate small-particle colloidal silver, to better stabilize the final product afterproduction, and most importantly to generate a higher colloidal content and less ionic silver content (which is far more desirable). In viewing photos of agitated water, it became very apparent to me that all they were doing was bubbling air in the water during the production process, to create a constantly agitated environment. Could it actually be that simple, easy and economical? Yes. It could and it is.

This led to the purchase of a small aquarium pump to agitate the water while the generator was working.  I had no idea how radically the end product would so positively change for the better! The stability of the colloidal silver is amazing. I have had colloidal silver sitting in my kitchen cabinet during months when I don't need it. It remains clear and completely stable. And it's just as potent later as the day I make it.

However, the most dramatic result of agitating the water became evident to me right away. Agitating the water radically boosts the production and number of micro-silver particles! These are suspended particles (colloids) that are so small they are measured in "nanometers" and measured literally at 200,000x magnification! We sent our small-particle colloidal silver to a lab for testing, and the results amazed us! You may view images from the tests on our FAQ: Production page, where we've demonstrating dramatically the powerful result of agitating the water during production. Tiny, 1nm to 2nm silver particles are what work magic in the human body, particles being small enough to enter cell walls to kill harmful viruses and bacteria, reduce inflammation, and accomplish all sorts of good. Read some of the case studies I have collected over the years here.

Whatever you do during colloidal silver production of your own, buy a pump (we offer one that I use every time I make Colloidal Silver). Agitate the water. It makes a huge difference in the quality of your end product. (We offer the whole set up on our Generators page if you just wish to get started without all the shopping.) You'll be producing quite possibly the highest quality small-particle silver available to those of us who produce at home.

If you've already been producing colloidal silver at home, you'll want to know that your production experience will be different from what you have come to know and expect when you begin agitating the water.

When you agitate the water during production, be aware of these changes:


  • You will not see a cloud of silver ions coming off the positive rod while agitation is occurring.

  • You will more than likely not see the negative rod turn black unless your production period goes for several hours.

  • You will not see an amber color. Your colloidal silver is powerful, and crystal clear and will remain clear and very stable over time. After extended production times (perhaps after 5 to 6 hours of production time utilizing one of our generators), you will notice a clear, light "champagne" color. Otherwise, production time recommended by us will create a quite clear, extremely effective nanoparticle silver product.


Again, you may read more of my experiences, tests and results with agitating the water (along with a discussion of TDS meters and particle size) on our FAQ: Production page.


Next step: Contain all those parts, tubes and

wires in a neat colloidal silver production container...

It's our version of the "little black box"


You'll be able to make a GREAT, stable, crystal clear, highly colloidal, silver nanoparticle end product. But storing the pump with tubing, the transformer with wire and alligator clips, and all the cords is somewhat of a pain. I have up till now used a plastic storage container and just dumped all the components into it for storage. Then, when I was ready to make small-particle colloidal silver again, I just brought out the plastic container and started sorting through it and assembling what I needed to begin.

So, it was only logical that I began trying to think of a way to neatly contain all the components when I wasn't making colloidal silver. And that brought about our own version of the "little black box."

So, we took this:                                                      And turned it into this:

I describe it tongue-in-cheek as the "little black box." It seems that every colloidal silver generator site offers a version of the little black box. Why not us?:) But as you can see by the photo, ours is completely different from anything out there. It's because I have been unsettled by the way some of these black boxes are constructed and meant to be used.

Safety is an issue with me. I'm not talking about safety with regard to the quality of my colloidal silver, because I know it is absolutely safe and almost miraculous in what it can accomplish. I am talking about electrical safety.

Have you noticed that on some sights, you're viewing a little black box sitting on top of a full open-topped jar of water? I have some background in the electrical trade, and when I view a little black box sitting on top of a jar full of water, with a 120V cord coming out the back plugged into a standard residential wall outlet, I cringe. It sets off the same alarms that having a hair dryer plugged in and laying near a bathtub full of water does. And it should you too. It's simply not safe to have a plugged-in appliance that close to water.








And when you're agitating the water, it increases the risk of electrical shock 10-fold. Agitating the water generates some splashing. And if you have a 120V cord plugged into wall outlet, powering a device that is sitting atop a jar full of agitated (splashing) water..... well, not good.

So, you'll see that in my design, with the Silva-Cap (our own unique design), first we virtually eliminate splashing water, and thereby eliminate any mess or risk of electrical shock. Next, you will see that our little black box is isolated and set apart from the jar of agitated distilled water during production. MUCH safer that way. We've taken the air pump and transformer (everything you see in the photos), and placed them safely inside our black box. We've then installed posts so that you can individually wrap the vinyl pump tubing, the low voltage wire with alligator clips, and the electrical cord. Wrap each component, and you're good to go until you make colloidal silver again! There's even an "on/off" toggle switch. A few years after we debuted the little black box, we added a version that contains two switches: one switch controls the air pump, and one switch controls the power supply. Some customers wished to generate colloidal silver without agitating the water, and so wished the air pump was not running during production. Both versions are available on our Generators page.

Yes, I know that our little black box might look a little goofy. I've taken a lot of ribbing while we tested it.  But it works.

It's available for purchase on the Generators page. It is GREATLY less expensive than comparable units on most websites today. It's a good deal less expensive than "the other guy's" agitated water colloidal silver generator, and has far less risk of electrical shock when in use.






The Development of the Gallon Kit,
and the Half-Gallon Kit


Later, listening to our customers, we developed several more kit designs, all utilizing the water agitating process.


We had customers who wished to produce larger quantities of colloidal silver, but within the same time-frame required to produce one quart.


This was a great challenge, and required a whole lot of testing. But I feel gratified to be able to offer a 1-Gallon Small-Particle Colloidal Silver Kit. This kit will produce one gallon of 50ppm small-particle colloidal silver in 5 hours. It uses (4) 14" long, 14g silver rods to accomplish its work.


You can read more about the kit on our its Generator page, and on our FAQs:Production page.

On the heels of the 1-Gallon Kit, I received several requests from customers who wished to generate more than a quart of colloidal silver at one time, but did not wish to produce a full gallon. Usually, this involved families who were sharing colloidal silver, or individuals producing for themselves and someone else. So I developed the Half-Gallon kit.

The principle of this kit was actually simple. If I double the amount of distilled water, double the surface area of silver (using 4 rods instead of 2), and provide an independent power source for each pair of rods, will I be able to generate a half-gallon of small-particle colloidal silver? Yes. You can read about production results on our FAQs:Production page, and view the Half-Gallon generator kit here.


The Battery-Powered Kits

One of the most-fun challenges I had was to develop a battery-powered kit that agitated the water. It became a bit involved, but accomplishes what I was after. I launched this design knowing that most everyone who has ever attempted producing colloidal silver from home will have begun with one or two 9-volt batteries, wires and alligator clips. Yes, it is something you can put together for about $10 or $20 max.


But I was getting requests for kits from people who lived off-grid (like missionaries in the jungles of South America and in the deserts of Africa, as well as those who do not want to rely on our nation's power grid should something devastating occur), to produce a reliable small-particle colloidal silver kit that could be stored and brought into use should our current times turn nasty. 

I have loved receiving emails from individuals who have purchased this battery-operated kit. I have put two of my favorites at the head of the Battery-Powered Kits page. These kits have filled a need, provided health as well as provided a source of comfort.


So, that's the backstory of the battery-powered kits. I decided to offer two different voltages, in case someone was not comfortable with the 27V (utilizing (3) 9V batteries. The 18V kit is also available.

Both kits utilize a battery-powered air pump to agitate the water to ensure the production of nanoparticle colloidal silver. The batteries in both units are simple to use, and changing the batteries is easy.





So, that's the background behind the starting of "Colloidal Silver How-To." We wanted to offer people who are honestly ready to begin production of their own high-quality, stable small-particle colloidal silver the materials to begin doing so right away. And because we feel so strongly that every household should have the means to make their own colloidal silver, we've worked to make these production materials available to you at extremely affordable prices.


I believe in colloidal silver and its benefits, particularly in small-particle colloidal silver. And I wanted through this website to be able to assist anyone who wishes to experience those results for a realistic financial investment. Don't fall for the "it costs more, so it must be better" mind-frame and be convinced you need to spend hundreds of dollars to make high-quality, stable small-particle colloidal silver. You, too, can make high-quality, stable small-particle colloidal silver at home, and greatly improve the health quality of your life and the lives of your family, for a price far less than you've probably come to believe it would cost you!

We at Colloidal Silver How-To developed the Silva-Cap as a simpler way to produce safe, effective, stable, highest-quality colloidal silver at home.
Our 1-Quart "Basic Kit" is all you need to begin producing highest-quality, effective, safe, stable colloidal silver from home.
Our 1-Quart "Basic Kit" is all you need to begin producing highest-quality, effective, safe, stable colloidal silver from home.
Our "Little Black Box Kit" neatly and safely combines all the components from the Basic Kit into a production box, allowing you to begin producing highest-quality, effective, safe, stable colloidal silver from home.
Our "Little Black Box Kit" neatly and safely combines all the components from the Basic Kit into a production box, allowing you to begin producing highest-quality, effective, safe, stable colloidal silver from home.
Our "Little Black Box Kit" neatly and safely combines all the components from the Basic Kit into a production box, allowing you to begin producing highest-quality, effective, safe, stable colloidal silver from home.
Our "One-Gallon Kit" allows you to begin producing one gallon of highest-quality, effective, safe, stable colloidal silver in the same amount of time it takes to produce one quart.
Our "Half-Gallon Kit" allows you to begin producing one-half gallon of highest-quality, effective, safe, stable colloidal silver in the same amount of time it takes to produce one quart.
Our Battery-Powered Small-Particle Colloidal Silver Kits contains all the necessary components to produce safe, effective, stable, highest-quality small-particle colloidal silver without dependency on electricity.
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