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Welcome to "Colloidal Silver How-To"


Home of the Affordable Small-Particle Colloidal Silver Generators

This is the place where you can easily, and very affordably,
find the tools to make your own high-quality Colloidal Silver at home!

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Hi there!

We realize you are looking for the means to make colloidal silver at home. You may be brand new to the world of colloidal silver. You're beginning to do your research. Or maybe you've done your homework already and are ready to begin.


From our family to yours, we offer small-particle colloidal silver generators producing effective, stable and quality colloidal silver from home.

The "holy grail" of quality colloidal silver is the presence of particles so small that their effectiveness is unquestionable. Up until fairly recently, the production of small-particle colloidal silver was virtually impossible with home colloidal silver production. "Small particles" are generally defined as suspended particles smaller than 10 nanometers (nm) in size.

Today, home production of small-particle colloidal silver is now available to us. Lab tests show our generators produce colloidal silver 1nm to 2nm in size. It's a process that's not only simple, but inexpensive as well.

Our process simply works. Lab tests prove it.
Stable, quality, effective colloidal silver produced at home.

By applying just a few simple, inexpensive methods, we'll show you how to make quality, stable small-particle colloidal silver at home that produces powerful and effective results.

"EVERYONE needs to be making colloidal silver with their own colloidal silver generator."
-- Tom Watson, Clinical Kineseologist, and Joy Watson, National Board Certified Naturopath, owners of Osage Natural Health Center, LLC (Berryville, Arkansas and Branson, Missouri). Tom and Joy retail our Basic Colloidal Silver 24V Generator, and have purchased a kit for each of their adult children to use in their own homes.

We offer complete, very affordable small-particle colloidal silver generators on this site.

Or you can purchase the components you need to upgrade your own generator to make it a small-particle generator.


We love what we do on this website.
It's because we regularly receive emails like this one
Read more customer feedback here.

Hi Mr. McDaniel,

My name is Michelle [H.] and I bought a Generator from you about a year and a half ago.
Let me just say, this generator[*] has been the single most valuable purchase we have made as a family. I have given so much silver away to anyone in need and willing to try it.
My brother in law’s severe gum disease has almost completely gone away, surprising his dentist. It has cured MRSA outbreaks in my sister. It's helped speed up recovery of pneumonia in my family. Cures cold sores, heals acne. I am thrilled with my purchase, I could be a sales rep for your generators, I brag about it so much.

Lenoir City, TN

[*] The generator Michelle uses is the Black Box Generator, found here.

For about the same price you've been paying for a single quart of commercial colloidal silver, right now you can purchase tools to begin making your own small-particle colloidal silver at home.

Start Here:


Complete constant current generator kits to get you going right now. Small-particle kits starting at $89. Quart, Half-Gallon, 1-Gallon and the new 5-Gallon Generators Kits.

Battery NEW Generator

High-quality, off-the-grid battery-powered 18V and 27V small-particle colloidal silver generator kits.

Small-Particle Colloidal Silver Family Health Accessories: Sprayers, Misters, Atomizers, Pumps, Jars and Bottles

Family Health


Nasal and Oral Misters, Pumps and Mister Bottles, Storage Bottles, Eye-Droppers, and more to make the best home use of your colloidal silver.

Generator Components for Small-Particle Colloidal Silver Kits

Components for small-particle colloidal silver generators. Jar Caps, Transformers, Air Pumps, Laser Pointers, Timers, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the home production of quality, effective, stable small-particle colloidal silver

These are our FAQS pages. FAQS regarding our production method, questions regarding your production experience with our generators, questions regarding other production methods, and questions regarding online ordering are covered in this group of pages. 

Colloidal Silver How-To frequently asked questions regarding ordering from our website

Pages including customer feedback, case studies and  uses of colloidal silver, tips and testimonials, our history, and more.

This website and all our products focus to assist you in accomplishing 4 things with your home-produced colloidal silver:


  • Quality: Providing the means to produce the highest-quality Colloidal Silver available for home production

  • Stability: Colloidal Silver that remains stable over many months

  • Effectiveness: Colloidal Silver that demonstrates high effectiveness in all applications

  • Economical: Colloidal Silver production methods that are so affordable virtually anyone can produce highest-quality colloidal silver at home

Our "Little Black Box" small-particle home colloidal silver production kit
The Basic Kit: Small-Particle colloidal silver home production for highest quality, stable and effective small-particle colloidal silver.
Why did we put "Colloidal Silver How-To" on the web? 
To provide the materials to make colloidal silver available to anyone who wants them.... 
At a price virtually anyone can afford. 
There are many methods available to produce colloidal silver at home.
No doubt you've read about several methods on the internet.


The challenge is to find a colloidal silver generator that will produce the highest quality colloidal silver,
at the best possible price.
We feel we have provided exactly that!
And we think you will agree.

Thanks for stopping by!
And thanks for letting us help you begin to affordably make
your own quality colloidal silver from home!

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