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Additional Information

We've compiled a grouping of pages to enhance and assist you in your journey of discovery with colloidal silver.

We hope you'll enjoy reading a good compilation of suggested uses, personal tips, our generator development history, and some closing thoughts to ponder.

Thank you again for finding us on the web!

We hope we'll be hearing from you soon in the future.

Take care and God bless.

Customer Feedback

A short list of customers who took the time to send us feedback. Worth the read!

Colloidal Silver Case Studies and Uses

This page is a long list of case studies and applications of colloidal silver to enhance life and health.

Colloidal Silver Tips

This page provides you with personal experiences and uses of colloidal silver from our customers and my family to yours!

Our History

How our generators and unique Silva-Caps have evolved over the years.

Instructional Videos

I receive requests for videos that show how to set up our kits. I made these videos years ago to assist you in getting started with our 1-quart kits. I hope they'll help you!

Closing Thoughts

This page is a bit more philosophical, and reflects on the potential of something as simple as colloidal silver to be capable of literally altering the health of the world for the better!

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