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Customer Feedback

Read what our customers are saying! This is a small representation of emails we have received from customers just like you!

"I am just learning about Colloidal Silver and found your site informative and best of all - no hype. Just the facts."
-- Conrad H., B.C., Canada

. . . "I wish to thank you again not only for your promptness in shipping my order, but also providing consumers with a top-notch manufacturing system that pays for itself after the first use. You are to be commended. Thank-you so much for everything. (And do not be surprised should you hear back from me in the future regarding additional uses I've come up with!)
-- Craig J., Binghamton, NY

. . . "Let me say 'Thanks' for offering such a quality product online at such a reasonable price.  So many others out there seem to want to put their kids through college on just 3 or 4 orders."
-- Susanne B., Morriston, FL

"I'm very impressed with your shipping/packaging care, professionalism, and speed of service. Great instructions (and very imformative as well, which I really appreciate). I was up and running in 5 minutes. Your attention to detail and looking out for the customer shows!"
-- Gunther S., New York, NY

"I already bought a machine from you a few weeks ago, I am ordering for my Mother. . . . I told her how much I like mine and how well packed it was. I think this set up is so well explained [that] she will do well with it also."
-- Annette S., Punta Gorda, FL

"Hello, I appreciate you taking your time to truly make the production of colloidal silver safe, easy, understandable, AFFORDABLE, and anxiety free! Thank you so much!"
--Terri S., Smithsburg, MD

"Your products/informative website have made an intimidating endeavor for us something that is so life-saving and great that I'm at a loss for words trying to sum up what it's done for us. So, I'll give you a list of how it's already paid for itself (I think in less than 6 months!) in not having to pay for doctor's visits costs, medicines, and the cost of colloidal silver retail. [We've included Aaliyah's contributed testimonials on our "Case Studies" page here.] You have not only changed our lives, but also the lives of people that take our recommendations to heart regarding what this is good for."
-- Aaliyah S., El Paso, TX

"We are excited over how well your website is organized, without a lot of high pressure talk trying to twist our arms into buying something high priced that is so simple like what you came up with. Thank you!!"
--Tom B., Tifton, GA

"Dear Robb,
Have just unpacked my silver generator and wanted to express my gratitude for the free gift, to send praises, and thank you for offering such an outstanding product.
The pictures on your website do not accurately reflect the quality of your product, worth every penny and then some. The packaging was impeccable and very professional, communications and information more than adequate. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and if you are in need of referrals please feel free to use my commentary or contact me to post one. Wishing you all the best.
Warmest regards,"
-- Ania K., Hingham, MA

"I would just like to thank you for such wonderful product! I have used Colloidal Silver for years and have always purchased it from a cousin that lives in another state. I always believed that it would be too complicated to do myself. We spent a lot of money and would be very careful about using it to make it last. This device you have created is wonderful. Very efficient! We've made several batches and love that it's so easy to have access to more as needed. Thanks again!"
--Jana C., Spicer, MN

"[The Silva-Caps are a]... brilliant design, by the way. ... And thank you for an outstanding website. I've been through a lot of them in the past few days. Yours is the most comprehensive. Sane too."
--Mary J., Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I have to say I expected Walmart plastic and was impressed by the quality of what you sell especially for the price. I look forward to doing more business with you as I make others aware of the benefits of CS. I make it for many."
--David G., Estes Park, CO

"Greetings, We have used your colloidal silver machine for over a year now. It has been a great help for our family of six including 4 children. . . . Right on with your good work!"
--Ralph W., DMA, Mena, AR

"I have placed an order and want you to know that I appreciate your website and for selling the silver equipment at such a reasonable rate.  Thanks."
--Nancy C., Wesley Chapel, FL

"I have been planning on making it myself for some time now of my own discretion. I wanted to make sure I ordered from a reliable source. After reading your very informative website I feel certain I have made an excellent choice in purchasing your product. The documentation you provide not only explains the use and care of the product but also, very clearly, questions I had pertaining to the extent of your research, the care taken in processing colloidal silver, and the equipment itself. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I also enjoyed reading your website which is very much an educational experience presented by someone who is in possession of a cerebral cortex. Your knowledge is greatly appreciated!"
-- Nancy P., Weaverville, NC

"Just got my new Generator and made my first batch. It was so much better than my old unit. I'm ordering some accessories. I've been using Silver since 1995 and it helps with ailments. I've been looking for a unit that does the job without all the fancy stuff. It works great!!!"
-- Mike E., Lawton, OK

"You have great customer service... I surely will recommend your product."
-- Claudia D., South Padre Island, TX

"Hello Robb--
I just received my two kits and I couldn't be more pleased. The equipment and instructions are all top notch.... Thanks again for a great product and really great service."
-- Nancy T., Murphy, NC

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