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Family Health Accessories

Below is a list of accessories we offer that will support
your family's health using Colloidal Silver

Family Health Accessories, misters, sprayers, jars and bottles, for home production of your small-particle colloidal silver.

Nasal Mister and Atomizer


If you are someone prone to sinus infections and sinus headaches... or if you are someone who seems to catch a cold or sinus infection when you fly (and this can REALLY spoil a vacation!)... you are going to want this bottle. It greatly relieves sinus pressure, and virtually ends sinus infections.

Invaluable for any home remedy kit!

Find one on your own, or order one from us. Worth every penny.

2 oz. Nasal Mister Bottle (still small enough to carry on the plane with you!)

Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle

Price: $8.50

2 oz. cobalt blue glass bottle with nasal sprayer/atomizer/mister for colloidal silver.

Oral Mister and Atomizer


I tried an oral mister about a year after I tried the nasal mister.


The nasal mister accomplished keeping my sinuses healthy and open.

I decided to try inhaling colloidal silver mist when I could feel a case of bronchitis coming on. I noticed marked improvement the next morning, and repeated inhaling the misted colloidal silver.

Go for this one too, folks. It works. I use this constantly for chest congestion and if especially if I feel the onset of a chest cold.

2 oz. Oral Mister Bottle (and small enough to carry on the plane)

Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle


Price: 8.50

2 oz. cobalt blue glass bottle with oral sprayer/atomizer/mister for colloidal silver.

General Purpose Atomizer Mister


This is an amber glass bottle, which is ideal for longterm storage of colloidal silver.

This is a wonderful all-purpose device that you will find dozens of uses for. Since you are making your own colloidal silver, and you will soon see how inexpensive your production will be, you will find uses to liberally use your product. This is a larger, 4 oz. bottle.

You'll want colloidal silver easily available to you both at home and on the job. Use a spray bottle of your own from home. If you don't have one, order one from us.

4 oz. Amber Glass Atomizer Spray Mister

Price: $5.95

4 oz. amber glass bottle with atomize/sprayer for colloidal silver.

Eye Droppers


Sometimes an eye-dropper is all you need to accommodate those hard-to-reach colloidal silver applications.


Use the eye dropper for eyes, ears, nose and toes. . . for you, your pets, and your loved ones.

We make this invaluable colloidal silver dispenser item available in 2 sizes: a 1/2 oz. size (perfect for carrying in your pocket or purse for applications throughout your busy day) and in a 2 oz. size to keep in the kitchen and bathroom.


You'll want both sizes to have on hand, to keep your high-quality, stable colloidal silver available... if it's in your purse, or in your first aid kit.

1/2 oz. Amber Glass Eye-Dropper
Price: $3.95

2 oz. Amber Glass Eye-Dropper
Price: $4.95

2 oz. and 1/2 oz. amber glass bottles with eye-droppers for colloidal silver.

"Family Health Pack"of Colloidal Silver Bottle Accessories


This collection of colloidal silver health accessories is, for us, a "must-have."

This family pack consists of our most-popular, and we feel our most valuable dispensers for home and personal use of small-particle colloidal silver.

In this pack, you'll receive the following:

  • 2 oz. cobalt glass Nasal Mister and Atomizer

  • 2 oz. cobalt glass Oral Mister and Atomizer

  • 4 oz. amber glass Spray Mister and Atomizer

  • 2 oz. amber glass Eye-Dropper

  • Tiny Funnel for filling Bottles

​And we're making this invaluable group available for a discounted price. Individually priced at $32.

Group Price: $27.95

This Family Health Pack includes the oral sprayer/mister/atomizer, the nasal mister/sprayer/atomizer, general purpose sprayer, eye-dropper, and tiny funnel.

Glass Jars and Pump Bottles for Colloidal Silver Gel


One of the most wonderful uses for small-particle colloidal silver is for topical applications.


Whether you need to disinfect your hands, sooth a sunburn, apply to skin ailments, or massage into your feet, or for bug bites, dry chapped skin, and poison ivy, you'll want to have a jar or pump bottle of colloidal silver gel, made with Aloe Vera Gel and your own colloidal silver.

You'll want a jar and pump bottle available around the house and when you travel.

The general recipe for aloe vera gel and colloidal silver consists of roughly a 1 to 1 ratio. With these jars, you will probably want to experiment with 4 Tbsp. of Aloe Vera Gel and 3 to 4 Tbsp. of high ppm of colloidal silver (you'll easily be making 50ppm to 60ppm small-particle colloidal silver with your kit from us).

We offer 2 different jars and 1 pump bottle, based on your preferences.  Select a 2 oz. or 4 oz. cobalt blue glass jar with screw-on lid, and a 4 oz. amber bottle with a pump (making it VERY easy to dispense). (Cobalt blue jars have plastic lids that are lined inside.) They are all available at a great price.

2 oz. Cobalt Blue Glass Jar
Price: $2.95

4 oz. Cobalt Blue Glass Jar
Price: $4.95

4 oz. Amber Glass Bottle with Pump 

Price: $5.95

4 oz. or 2 oz. cobalt blue glass storage jar for colloidal gel.
4 oz. amber glass pump bottle for colloidal silver gel.

Set of (8) PET Plastic
Amber 16 oz. Bottles 


Whether you are producing small-particle colloidal silver for you, your family and acquaintances, if you are retailing or wholesaling, and/or if you are storing up quantities for the future, you've got to have high-quality bottles in which to store and sell your product.

Set of (8) 16 oz. PET pharmaceutical grade storage bottles with funnel for colloidal silver storage or resale.

What is PET? Our manufacturer provides this information:

"Polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE) is of the polyester family and is used in beverage, food and other liquid containers. PET can be semi-rigid to rigid and is very lightweight. It acts as a good barrier to alcohol and solvents. PET also has a good gas barrier and a fair moisture barrier. It is not good for strong bases or strong acids, however. It is strong, impact-resistant, and naturally colorless and transparent. PET has good stress crack and impact resistance at room temperature and above. Its SPI resin identification code number is 1. Common uses: soft drink bottles, cooking oil bottles, peanut butter jars, products containing essential oils, some fruit juices, alcohol beverage bottles, space blankets, ketchup bottles, wine bottles."

These bottles are the safest we can find, short of selling glass bottles. (We've noticed that collodial silver products are rarely sold in glass any longer. We primarily see colloidal silver sold in amber PET bottles like these, and in cobalt blue PET bottles.)


The bottles are pharmaceutical grade, rigid and sturdy, and used to safely package a wide range of consumable products.


We're offering a set of (8) 1-pint (16 fluid oz.) bottles, with the option of a the purchase of a funnel, perfect for longterm storage, for wholesaling and for retailing.


These 8 bottles will equal, of course, 1 gallon of product.

(8) 1-Pint Bottles with Funnel
Price: $19.99

Tiny Funnel for filling your bottles

It can be really tough to fill your small bottles (like eye-droppers) with colloidal silver!


I don't know how you manage, but attempting to pour the liquid contents of a 1-quart jar into a 1/2" diameter opening is full of challenges!

So we're making these small funnels available to assist you in filling your small bottles.

Price: $1.99

A tiny funnel for filling bottles with colloidal silver.

Thank you for your purchase!


Our efforts at "Colloidal Silver How-To" are to provide the means to produce colloidal silver at home to as many people as we have the opportunity, as safely, effectively and economically as possible.

We hope you will pass this site on to your friends and loved ones.

And please contact us if you have any questions.

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