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Half-Gallon Kit


Our Half-Gallon Small-Particle Home Production Kit allows you to produce highest quality, safe, effective, stable colloidal silver in the same amount of time required to produce 1 quart.

This is the perfect small-particle generator to produce 2 quarts of highest-quality, stable small-particle colloidal silver in the time it takes to produce 1 quart

  • We ask you: Are you finding that you're making lots and lots of colloidal silver for your family and friends?

  • Are you looking for the means to make large quantities of stable, highest-quality small-particle colloidal silver to store for the future?

If you are wishing to double your production of highest-quality, stable small-particle colloidal silver in the amount of time you make a quart of colloidal silver, this is the small-particle generator kit you'll want to own.

This high volume colloidal silver generator will produce ONE-HALF GALLON of highest-quality, stable small-particle colloidal silver in a single batch. And it will produce this gallon quanity in the same amount of time that it takes to produce one quart!

In 3 to 4 hours (depending on your personal preference level of relative silver content and ppm reading), you will produce 2 quarts of our signature stable, high-quality small-particle colloidal silver.

NOTE: This generator, in laboratory tests, has been shown to produce an average particle size 1nm to 2nm (.0010 to .0020 microns) particle size at 200,000x magnification. This provides you with the highest quality small-particle colloidal silver available today from colloidal silver production at home.


Please see our FAQs: Production page to view the images demonstrating results of the colloidal silver produced by our generators, and a discussion of particle size and parts per million measurement. The "parts per million" (ppm) of the colloidal silver produced by this generator is 30ppm at 3-1/2 hours of production time. Parts per million may be increased with longer production times.

The components of this half-gallon nanoparticle silver generator kit include:

  • The specially-designed Silva-Cap for the Half-Gallon Jar Generator, featuring 2 pairs of rubber supports for 2 sets of 6" .9999 pure silver rods, 1 rigid PVC tube support for the air pump, and 1 air relief hole

  • Half-Gallon glass production jar

  • (2) 24V, 500mA Constant Voltage DC Transformers

  • Upgraded Air Pump, with 3' of vinyl tubing, to ensure full agitation of the half-gallon of distilled water during production

  • (2) Pairs of 6" .9999 pure silver rods (4 rods total)

  • Set-up and production instructions are included with each generator kit.

  • Laser Pointer to check progress of your production process

  • Canvas tote bag to store your production equipment

We also make available 16 oz. PET amber bottles, pharmaceutical rated (you may read about these jars on our Parts and Accessories Page). We sell them in groups of 8 (which equals 1 gallon), along with a funnel. Scroll down to add these bottles, or view them on the Accessories Page.

Half-Gallon Kit: $185

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Our efforts at "Colloidal Silver How-To" are to provide the means to produce colloidal silver at home to as many people as we have the opportunity, as safely, effectively and economically as possible.

We hope you will pass this site on to your friends and loved ones.

And please contact us if you have any questions.

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