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This is the perfect small-particle generator to produce 2 quarts of highest-quality, stable small-particle colloidal silver in the time it takes to produce 1 quart


The components of this half-gallon nanoparticle silver generator kit include:

  • The specially-designed Silva-Cap for the Half-Gallon Jar Generator, featuring 2 pairs of rubber supports for 2 sets of 6" .9999 pure silver rods, 1 rigid PVC tube support for the air pump, and 1 air relief hole

  • Half-Gallon glass production jar

  • (2) 24V, 500mA Constant Voltage DC Transformers

  • Upgraded Air Pump, with 3' of vinyl tubing, to ensure full agitation of the half-gallon of distilled water during production

  • (2) Pairs of 6" .9999 pure silver rods (4 rods total)

  • Set-up and production instructions are included with each generator kit.

  • Laser Pointer to check progress of your production process

  • Canvas tote bag to store your production equipment

The Half-Gallon Production Kit

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